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I`m reprinting an email that Steve Ducharme sent me this morning.He`s having some issues with the M.P.O.T.D. blog,so here`s an update.
You can also go to his other blog 2 Stroke Biker and find out what`s going on.
I myself feel the same way and share the same issues that Steve has with Blogger.It`s virtually impossible to get any sort of response to issues in a timely manner,so I may end up moving to either WordPress or another platform.I`ll keep everyone posted ahead of time.

Meanwhile,here`s Steves email to me a few minutes ago:

Quick FYI: To the readers of the “Motorcycle Picture Of The Day” blog. There has been a temporary (and incorrect) shutdown of the blog by the blogger/google spambot detectors. Google is apologetic about it but there is a typical 2 or 3 day lag before they get around to doing a “human” review. The site “should” be back up in a few days but on the outside chance that google closes the site permanently, it WILL get re-started on another host or possibly be converted to a dot com. Please give it another try in a few days. Thanks Much.

Thanks again!

Steve Ducharme


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