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Many many thanks to all of my friends and followers of my journey and this blog for all the support and help in 2010.It`s been an amazing year,much more than I could have ever imagined it would turn out to be.
As I head into year two on the road,I was reflecting on the last year of events,people and places that I have visited.
I was trying to see if I could put it all in a twenty picture photographic reflective,but there`s no way I can fit all those memories into such a small space.So it will be forthcoming over the next few postings.
I wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2011.
Greg,on his new Connie`s maiden voyage.
A prize for the first correct email answer as to where this bridge is.

Charles Nearburg putting his John Hancock on my tank after setting a new World Land Speed record.

The always effervescent Erin Hunter,a regular sponsor of the blog.
This is what the inside of a $150k engine looks like.
Purty innit?.
Worlds fastest Fiat 600.
“Yea,the one with the camera over there,thats him.Thats the guy…….”
Nish and Cooke Sr………Classic.
Ack Attack.The Worlds Fastest Motorcycle…….until……
Gary and Monica Wescott of The Turtle Expedition.
It was a little warm that day…..
These bits here…..
….were `sposed to be inside that hole there.
“Do these leathers make my a….”
NO Leslie,they don`t.
This beautiful Indian is the work of Lars Nielsen from Denmark.Still my favorite bike.
Be well

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