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On the way to Fish Creek Falls with Buffalo Pass in the background.

Since I arrived in Steamboat the temps took a nose dive into the negative, it was -15 one morning.So when I went to start the bike,all I got was click click click.A new battery is being shipped out as we speak.

Not having a whole lot of experience in extreme cold and what it does to small motorcycle batterys,I now realize I should have taken out the battery or taken the bike in to the garage,but,you live and learn.
I still managed to get out and get some pictures after leaving it on an overnight charge.
Garry Newby,Air Marshall for the Oregon Airheads chimed in with some future helpfull tips,like leaving a 100 watt light under the bike to keep it from freezing.But for now i`ll try to squeeze it in the  garage.

PS,tomorrow morning starts the WTHIM “Where Am I” contest,with the first picture clue.If you`re not already a follower,don`t forget to sign up.

Be Well

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  1. you've a good photographic eye Murph….very nice pictures.domColorado Motorcycle Travel ExaminerRedleg's Rides

    December 30, 2010 at 2:42 pm

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