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A very big thank you to Erin Hunter,who just donated the finances to get new tires for the bike.Just in time too, for tomorrow,Thursday  I leave Moab for Steamboat CO,so starting the 300 mile journey on fresh tires makes all the difference.
Erin has been featured on this blog on quite a few occasions during this years Bonneville speed events,the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials,the USFRA World Of Speed and at SCTA World Finals.Erin and Shorty,her partner are avid speed and salt freaks,with multiple Bonneville Speed records between them both.

Erin,may the Gods of Speed be always at your side.

Be Well

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  1. Murph, She is so cool! I remember seeing her at the Finals. Big ear to ear smile, and a striking presence that was most memorable. Please thank her for me too. You meet the coolest fast people at Bonneville. Treasure each day! You are getting to travel freely like a lot of us wish we could, but don't have the fortitude to leave our worldly possessions, jobs, and routine daily lives behind for a life of freedom and adventure. Dave.

    November 30, 2010 at 5:46 am

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