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First off,apologies to those who`ve been checking in everyday waiting for a post.Death Valley does in fact have WiFi in Furnace Creek,about 61 miles from the Mesquite campgroung where i`m camping,BUT,Furnace Creek is like a big giant tourist trap in the middle of one of the most beautifull places I have ever been.I`m avoiding it like the Plague.The Beatty Library is where i`m at,about 60 miles from base camp.Having said that DV is one of the most beautifull places I have been,it is October/November,so i`m not sure I would think the same in July or August.Even at this time of the year it still gets hot,but nothing like the 100+ deg temps in the summer.
It`s a stunning place,if you like to really get away from it all.No cell service(except for Furnace Creek),no TV`s,no amenities really of any kind,right up my alley.
At night the sky is bursting with stars.The Milky Way looks like someone took a paintbrush dipped in whitewash and dragged it right over my tent.It stretches all the way from the peaks on the West over to the East.
Every night at around 7:45ish,the ISS(Space Station) comes up from the West and catches the last remaining sunlight on it`s massive wings.It`s the brightest object in the night sky for about a minute,then it dissappears down behind the mountains to the East.

So upon leaving Wendover I witnessed another stunning sunrise,almost as if the Salt Flats were teasing me with a “Are You Really Sure You Want To Leave”? sunrise just for me…..

….but one hour later I was packed up and ready to go.
I took 93 south to Ely,then got on to 6 to Tonopah.A really great road to ride.
Headed up into the mountains to camp out for the first night,just north of Tonopah.Great campsite  at about four thousand feet.

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