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2010 SCTA World Finals Day 2 Results and Salt Update..

I`ve got about 5 minutes to post so I`ll make it short and sweet.
Here`s the SCTA Results page for today.This  is the short course results page,and  this is the long course results page.
I had a busy day between pits and gate,but I did hear that the 992 American Eagle made a 347 mph run on a 344 mph record this afternoon.He should be in impound now and make a second (record) run tomorrow morning.
However….this afternoon at about 3 looming on the horizon were rain clouds…..and the clouds came right over the course and dumped about 2″ of liquid snow on BOTH courses.So…..unless there`s wind tonite,LOTS of wind,to dry off said courses for tomorrow,I can`t see much of anything running.
But,this being the Bonneville Salt Flats and Hallowed Ground `n all that,the Gods of Speed may have something to help us all out with.I am now offering up trinkets to the GOS(Gods of Speed),some titanium bolts and pieces of broken piston.

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