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2010 Mike Cook Shootout,Bonneville Salt Flats Utah.. Pics from the Pits Vol 2.

So as we all wait for the last racing event out here on the Bonneville Salt Flats,the SCTA World Finals,here`s some more pics from the 2010 Mike Cook Shootout.

Nish and Mike Cook..
…and speaking of Mike Cook as I was taking this morning shot……
…I noticed a flashing blue light with what appeared to a truck just like the one that Mike Cook has….
…yep,that was Sr,but he got off with a warning.
Now,as an addendum to this story,later on that afternoon Sr. noticed a Sherriff car stuck in the mud over by I-80,so he goes over and of course not letting the mornings events bother him,proceeds to help the PO get hisself unstuck.So after getting unstuck by Mike the Occifer gets on the radio:”Hey, `member that guy you pulled over this morning for speeding,well guess what..”,.
It`s all good,everyone was happy in the end.
 Drew Gatewood and Linda.

And Lindas dog “Tip”.


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  1. Bewtiful.

    October 2, 2010 at 1:02 am

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