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USFRA World Of Speed 2010 Day 2 & 3.

I`ve been really busy what with helping with the VIncent Streamliner and trying to take pictures and meet people.Jim B the President of the USFRA who put this event on every year has asked me to submit about 60 pictures of cars for next years calender and posters.We`ll see if any of my pictures get used.
Anyway for those following LSR here`s  the link to Wednesday and Thursdays racing results.
Meanwhile back at the Vincent Streamliner pit things hit a bit of a snag.The output shaft bearing let go yesterday as Donny was on a run.

These bits here…..
…are supposed to be in a cage and go in that little groove around the end of the shaft….
..which is the output shaft of the Vincent engines.On the left is the clutch basket.
So I havn`t been at the pit all day since now they`re getting into specialized skill requirements which I do not have on a bike like this,but from what I heard Max is trying to get the Vincent repaired to try for a run in the morning.Thats all I have for now,i`ll post up the pictures tomorrow after I have downloaded them.I just havn`t had alot of time.


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