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BMW S1000 RR

Everyone I`ve spoken with who has taken this beast out on the road or track has had nothing but “Awesome” to say about it,including my friend Jane,but as she works for BMW Motorrad,what`s she gonna say,eh?.
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 and here.
With a claimed 193 HP at the crank,it`s a rocket ship with two wheels,backed by the most advanced and sophisticated digital motor electronics currently available on a motorcycle.The software incorporated in this sophisticated BMS-KP is an in-house development by BMW Motorrad specifically for motorcycle applications.
Titanium valves,both intake and exhaust,are actuated by equally small and light single cam followers.Valve play is compensated by means of adjustment platlets running on the spring plates.
Fully sequential,cylinder-specific fuel injection,integrated anti-knock control,ultra-fast processing of a wide range of sensor signals by the most advanced micro-electronics,a compact layout,low weight and self-diagnosis are the most important features of this sophisticated system.
Ok,so get this,the rev limit on the production version of the S 1000 RR is 14,200 rpm(!)while in purely mechanical terms the engine could run much faster !!!!.
At the simple touch of a button at the end of the right handlebar,the rider is able to choose among various riding modes for all kinds of different conditions and requirements such as riding on the road,on a wet surface,or the race track(i`d just leave it on Race Track mode,life`s too short for anything else,right?).
The S1000 RR comes in the unmistakable design language and look of BMW Motorrad.Asymmetries intentionally used in the design of the machine as well as the typical split of the front silhouette into two halves,the so-called Split Face,are design features characteristic of BMW Motorrad now also borne out proudly and distinctly on the new S 1000 RR.
Next to the Ducati 996,,but not compared to the  Ducati Desmosedici RR,and until someone in BMW Motorrad,not mentioning any names(Jane), hooks me up with a bike and a track,it just maybe my new fantasy bike.

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