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So as I`m motoring my way along Hwy 98 West in the Florida Panhandle with a spectacular view of  Apalachee Bay, I eventually end up down in Carrabelle.  It`s about that time of the day that I start thinking of where to set up my tent for the night,so as I leave Carrabelle behind en route to Apalatchicola, I noticed that a lot of the beach homes on the Gulf side were either vacant or in forclosure, with some lots having no houses – thanks to Hurricane Wilma.

Here`s one of the lots that I came across with a campfire ring included in the deal:

So that spot was put under the Plan B column, because I really wanted to keep moving froward to Appalatchicola.   When I got to Appalatchicola, I stopped at Chef Eddies Cass`s place – Magnolia Grill, for a bowl of seriously to die for lobster & shrimp bisque.  If anyone can do a killer Lobster Bisque, it`s Eddie.
As I`m enjoying my coffee, I get talking to two ladies: one of whom lives on St.George Isalnd (the other is just a visiting friend) and she asks where I`m staying?  So I tell her I`m looking for a tent spot.
So she tells me to go over the bridge to St.George, go down to 7th st and there`s a number of homes on the beach that are empty.
Here`s where I ended up for the night,ocean view,beautifull sunset.
Complete with swing chair.
The St.George Lighthouse

Little did I know that it was the calm before the storm.  The next day I ended up with a deceased GPS, trying to navigate west through the traffic of New Orleans and Houston.

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