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Well,I got to Austin about 5am Tuesday morning.  I went a little faster than I thought for a few reasons:
– the first being I was being chased by a nasty storm;

…so as I took shelter, I decided to rehydrate.
Therin lay the dilemma: should I be patriotic and go with the Irish Rose,or should I go ghetto and do the Mad Dog ?
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Screw it, I`ll just have a coffee Mr.Pattell – cream, no sugar please……

– the second reason was that my new GPS puked, so I decided to navigate the living hell that is Houston by night rather than fight the daytime traffic relying solely on my celestial navigation skills………………..

2:17 am and 68 deg.

Anyway, back to Sunday at 4:30 am – all packed and ready to go,

Turnpike North
And a stop in Ocala at the Don Garlits Museum,housing many of Don’s record breaking dragsters from the `50`s up to the present.
So much nostalgia and record breaking cars and engines, all made by Don way back when;
and  Don is alive and well – of course I had to ask him for any “Go Fast” tips for the bike…
He said come back on Thursday,he`ll hook me up.I said i`ll be in Austin TX by  then.
 I know says Don………
As I was leaving I found Jesus.  I could`ve sworn he rode a BMW but all things considered, we`re all travellers on the highway of life.
Can I get a hallelujah?
I said can I…..oh never mind…….
Highway 98 on the way to Appalatchicola.
 Wakulla River Bridge.
Magnolia. – the town that once was.
Highway 98 near Appalatchicola
Got Wood?
End of Stage 1 with Greg in Round Rock.

2 responses

  1. hey murf…what a groovin' trip…great fotos…bruce

    April 29, 2010 at 5:33 pm

  2. The the pics! glad u declined the Irish Rose – no such thing BTW. m2 xo

    April 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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